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EMAS Portal

Eco Management and Audit Scheme

supported by Victoria consulting Belgrade

About EMAS Portal

This web site was initiated and created by Victoria consulting, Serbian consulting company.

The initial idea came from Mrs. Dragana Petrovic, director of Victoria consulting, who has been directly  involved in most of the key EMAS activities in Serbia, since 2006.

Web site www.emas.rs is recognized as good tool to additional promote and accelerate EMAS activities in Serbia and to give  basic EMAS information to relevant stakeholders.
Logo for the web site is art work of Ms. Dragana Petrovic and reflects the vision that Serbia is integral part of EMAS community, implemented with love and in right way in Serbian organizations, as effective management system; helping Serbian companies with good environmental performance to become more competitive in global market.

The main goals of this web site are:

  •  Sharing and promotion of positive examples and raising awareness of EMAS and EMAS benefits
    Informing the public about key activities related to EMAS and encouragement of organizations in taking the first steps towards the introduction of EMAS in their business (partially or fully)
  • Promoting good practice of companies from Serbia and abroad (related to good environmental management practices).
  • Creating a centralized national (Serbian) EMAS web informing platform where stakeholders interested in further EMAS implementation, or just interested to found out more about EMAS, can found the main relevant EMAS information.
  • To help interested parties from other non-EU countries (third countries) to start with first EMAS steps in their countries, thus additionally support EU community idea that EMAS should be implemented all over the World. This is the reason, this web site also has some content in English language.
  • To additionally offer support to Serbian Ministry (for environmental protection) in sharing some key EMAS information they want, also through this media (since domain and the structure of the Ministry’s web site is changing from time to time).

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