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Eco Management and Audit Scheme

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Final EMAS/IPPC/SEVESO project conference, 29.01.2016

On  29.01.2016, Belgrade, Final EMAS/IPPC/SEVESO project conference was held.

EMAS related results has been presented by Mr. Rade Ostojić, Head of the Unit group for Standards and Cleaner Productions, Ministry of Agriculture and environmental protection, Republic of Serbia.  EMAS.RS portal have also been mentioned by Mr.Rade Ostojić as good and helpful initiative.

Important news (related to EMAS)

– Amendments of Law on Environmental protection law (announced since 2013) are expected to be published on February 2016. Amendments includes also EMAS relevant articles and will be basis for the national Rulebook on EMAS.

– The Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management as EMAS licensing body will offer „Third country registration” to countries which have implemented a national contact point for EMAS (such is Serbia). An agreement between the national contact point and the Austrian Competent Body should be signed. More detailed info and clarifications should be available in second quarter of 2016. As soon as some new public available info is available, we will publish more data also at www.emas.rs

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EnE15 Conference held. One of plennary lectures: EMAS as supporting tool towards EU – Our Story

The Eleventh Regional Conference ”Environment to Europe” EnE15 – ENV.net, was held on June 5th 2015 (World environment day) in the Belgrade (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia).
Main topic was: EU Environmental Horizontal Legislation: Methods, Standards and Tools.

One of the plennary lectures was: EMAS as supporting tool towards EU – Our Story (presented by Dragana Petrovic, Victoria consulting Belgrade).

Dragana Petrovic Victoria consulting recognition EMAS Dragana Petrovic Victoria consulting

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“EMAS – as support to sustainable business” – presentation in Chamber of Commerce of Serbia

Within the conference Quality week 2015, held 03-06.03.2015, Dragana Petrović (Victoria consulting) held presentation: “EMAS – as support to sustainable business”.

EMAS paper has been published at “Quality and excellence” magazine, vol. 1-2/2015.

EMAS paper contains business cases of good examples of using EMAS as inspiration for upgrading existing EMS system.

Presentation is available here.

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EMAS news from Serbia published on official EU EMAS web site!

We proudly announce that EU EMAS official web site has published the news regarding EMAS Activities in Serbia.

Title of the Article is: EMAS becomes reality in Serbia.

Article contains the news regarding the project EMAS/IPPC/SEVESO and also information regarding EMAS Portal www.emas.rs.

Full article is available at EU EMAS official web page: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/emas/news

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2015-1 EU EMAS Serbia




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