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Nice news from Austria – Very important and helpful for Serbian companies interested in EMAS!

As we already announced few months ago, The Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management as EMAS licensing body published “Guideline for the registration of organisations from third countries“.

In short, this mean that now there is more precisely defined the practical steps for third countries EMAS registration through Austrian EU EMAS register.

Citation: “As far as the request of the competent authority before the first registration according to Article 13 c) EMAS Regulation is concerned the Federal Environment Agency has to check whether a respective cooperation with the local authorities – for example Ministries of Environment- is possible, so that they can act as information interface to the local implementing authorities of the third country and inform, in the case of a relevant violation of the applicable provisions of environmental law, the competent authority in our country about this matter.”

Since there is already very nice cooperation of UBA (Austrian Environmental Agency and Serbian Ministry of Agriculture and environmental protection, it is expected that this Guideline will lead to further actions towards EMAS in Serbia since there is already very nice cooperation of UBA (Austrian Environmental Agency and Serbian Ministry of Agriculture and environmental protection.

We use this opportunity to thanks Austrian colleagues for all help and support already given and all the efforts taken. Hopefully, we will finally have the first Serbian organizations EMAS registered! We encourage all Serbian companies interested in EMAS registration (as well as licenced Austrian environmental verifiers) to use this opportunity and make further steps towards EMAS registration!

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New amendments on Law on environmental protection published! Very important for all Serbian organizations interested in EMAS!

New amendments on Serbian Law on environmental protection published on February, 22 2016 (together with amendments on Law on waste management and Law on nature protection). New amendments are very important regarding EMAS in Serbia since they officially introduce some new mechanisms as support to Serbian organizations to be more easily registered into EMAS (relevant approval from the Ministry regarding legal compliance issues for specific organization wishing to apply into EMAS scheme). Relevant Sub legislation should additionally define technical details.

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Final EMAS/IPPC/SEVESO project conference, 29.01.2016

On  29.01.2016, Belgrade, Final EMAS/IPPC/SEVESO project conference was held.

EMAS related results has been presented by Mr. Rade Ostojić, Head of the Unit group for Standards and Cleaner Productions, Ministry of Agriculture and environmental protection, Republic of Serbia.  EMAS.RS portal have also been mentioned by Mr.Rade Ostojić as good and helpful initiative.

Important news (related to EMAS)

– Amendments of Law on Environmental protection law (announced since 2013) are expected to be published on February 2016. Amendments includes also EMAS relevant articles and will be basis for the national Rulebook on EMAS.

– The Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management as EMAS licensing body will offer „Third country registration” to countries which have implemented a national contact point for EMAS (such is Serbia). An agreement between the national contact point and the Austrian Competent Body should be signed. More detailed info and clarifications should be available in second quarter of 2016. As soon as some new public available info is available, we will publish more data also at

EMAS zavrsna 1


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Serbia- EMAS related articles – revision of Law on Environmental protection

Public hearings on 3 important Serbian Laws related to environment has been completed (Law on waste management, Law on environmental protection and Law on nature protection). Major revision regarding EMAS is revision of articles in Law on Environmental protection. Those changes has been already announced in 2013 but revision of this Law was postponed to 2015. Publication of amended Laws is expected in September 2015. Revised EMAS articles should help Serbian organizations to obtain some additional confirmation from relevant Serbian Ministry (relevant to national legal compliance issues) in order to be more easily administratively processed for EMAS EU registration. Relevant EMAS Sub-legislation should be published very soon after publication of revised Law on Environmental protection. Looking forward to it.

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